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Originally from Trinidad but based in Toronto, Canada. After University, I attended Recording Arts Canada and received my diploma in Sound and Music Recording, primarily focused on Pro Tools 12. Over the last year and a half, I have taught myself Ableton Live efficiently, how to compose/produce, arrange, and mix. I have completed several productions now with varied genres of music, mainly electronic music, putting my first single out on Spotify in 2017, and my second this year.

 I recently finished attending a specialty school in Los Angeles, California to further master my skillset, iron any kinks I may have, and to work on my different portfolios. While in LA I worked with different types of artists/producers, and have became an assistant mixing engineer for a small label.  Now, I'm back in Toronto, working on creating several live sets to perform and constantly working on more music. I put my best into my music, making it sound  as unique and like myself as possible. It is about the music and will always be. 

My main inspirations are: Flume, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Major Lazer, Kanye West, Chidlish Gambino, and ZHU.  

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Ebbn Flow


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Looking for Collaborations


to expand my knowledge of various genres and music others may create.

  1. I find collaborations can most of the time build a better product.
  2. It trains your ability and sight to utilize other producers strengths and cover their weaknesses
  3. Having 2 minds or more can deal with the ruts and pressures of producing. 
  4. Helping each other climb, gain exposure, and ultimately, succeed in the ever so difficult music industry. 

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